Child safety on the Internet

Linden Design PC SupportIf you are a parent and have concerns about the safety of your children whilst they are on-line, then this post is for you.

Whether your child uses a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet (iPad, Google Nexus) or even a smart phone, chances are that they will be browsing the internet.

Without suitable protection, they could very easily be exposed to unsuitable content.

Linden Design can help protect your child’s internet safety by providing, installing and configuring parental control software on all devices that they use.

This software enables you to see what websites your children visit, monitors their social network activity (facebook etc), enables you to set limits on how long they can use the internet plus much more.

With the software, you can easily block access to sites of a specific category.

If you are interested in Linden Design protecting your child’s on-line safety, and you live in Belper or the surrounding areas, please contact us today where we will be able to provide you with more information.