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Windows 10 Tip 1 – Remove the Search Box

One of the first things people have been complaining to us about is the search box that appears by default next to the start menu on Windows 10.

Linden Design PC Support

You’ll be pleased to know that there is a quick and easy way to hide the search box.

Simply right click anywhere along the bar, and then choose Search –> Hidden from the menu that appears.

Linden Design PC Support

This hides the search box completely.

Linden Design PC SupportIf you haven’t yet upgraded to Windows 10, we suggest it is worth doing, especially for computers with Windows 8.

If you would like Linden Design to take care of the upgrade for you, then please Contact Us today.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Linden Design PC SupportIf you are using Windows 7 or 8, you will have probably noticed the little windows icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

This icon allows you to opt-in for a free upgrade to Windows 10. This free upgrade is available for a year, after which you will most likely be charged for it.

To opt-in, simply press the windows icon in the system tray, and then follow the links to sign up.Linden Design PC Support

Windows 10 is rumoured to be released on July 29th, and the download will be 3GB when its available.

Unlike Windows 8 which was seen to be more suitable for tablets and touchscreens, Windows 10 has a special feature called Continuum which means people using a computer with a keyboard and mouse will see the classic desktop view, but switching to a tablet or smartphone will see it alter to touchscreen tiles (like Windows 8).

It will also include a new browser called Edge which allows users to annotate webpages. This will most likely replace Internet Explorer.

Finally, the start menu will return! Most of our customer’s issues with Windows 8 is that there is no start menu, so we almost always install special software to add one. But with Windows 10, the start menu is back.

For more information on Windows 10, head over to Microsoft

Fibre Broadband in our area

Fibre Broadband
Fibre Broadband – Contact Linden Design to find out what speed you could get

Fibre broadband is now becoming available in many more areas across the country, and because of extra funding for our area, we are benefitting from it.

Most of Belper can now get Fibre and it is now being rolled out further including Denby Village and Kilburn.

If you are suffering with slow internet speeds and would like more information about how Fibre will benefit you, please contact us today.

Depending on how close you are to the Green Cabinet that serves your property determines how fast your fibre connection will be.

For more information, please contact us and let us know your postcode and your land line number, and we’ll be able to tell you what sort of speeds you should expect by switching to Fibre, plus advise on the best offers available currently.

Lenovo Users – Important information

It was revealed this week that all Lenovo laptops purchased were shipped with Adware already installed!

The software/Adware, called SuperFish injects Adverts into web sessions.

Lenovo have published instructions for removal on their own website, and users with a Lenovo device purchased within the last year or so are encourage to follow these instructions.

If you require any assistance in checking and removing this software on your device, please Linden Design by using our Contact Form


New Computer Virus on the Way

computer_virusIn the next few weeks there will be attempts at infecting vulnerable computers and laptops by Viruses called CryptoLocker and GameOverZeus.

GameOverZeus is a virus that searches your computer for passwords for your bank accounts etc.

CryptoLocker encrypts your files on your computer and forces you to pay a ransom to recover them (between £200 and £300).

We advise that ALL computer and laptop users take steps now to prevent their machines becoming infected.

Steps to take:

1/ Turn on Windows Automatic Updates. Run a manual scan as well and make sure you are completely up to date.

2/ Make sure you have Anti Virus software installed, and make sure it is up to date.

3/ Don’t open any email attachments unless you are absolutely sure of the sender.

4/ Don’t follow any links from websites that tell you your computer isn’t secure.

If you are unsure about the security you have installed on your computer and would like help and advice, contact Linden Design.

We can make sure your security settings are as high as possible to give you the best chance of avoiding these infections.

Backing up your Computer

Backup your important files regularly. Linden Design can assist and provide everything needed for the backup including hard ware and software, at very low cost pricesWhat would you do if your hard drive suddenly failed on your Computer?

Do you have an up to date backup that you could easily use to recover all of your important files?

The majority of computer users would answer No to this question. In fact, only 40% of people take a backup once a year!

If you are interested in creating regular backups for your files and emails, please contact Linden Design.

We have successfully implemented backup solutions for a number of our customers at a very low cost. We provide the backup software, the backup storage device (if needed), and we will configure the software and show you how to use it should you ever need to restore a file.

With the software we provide, backups can be scheduled for as often as you require, so you don’t ever need to worry about doing it yourself, it is all automated. We can even send you an email every time a backup is successful or unsuccessful.

Please contact us today if you are interested.

Windows XP – Support ends April 8th

Support for Windows XP comes to an end on April 8th - Upgrade now with Linden Design

Just a quick reminder to everyone that support for Windows XP ends on 8th April.

From the 8th April, anyone using Windows XP will no longer receive updates. This includes Security updates and this means your computer may become vulnerable to attacks.

Don’t take the risk, upgrade your computers now.

The options available are Windows 7 and Windows 8.

If you would like Linden Design to come and access your computer and check its compatibility with either of these newer operating systems, please Contact Us.

Linden Design can upgrade your computers from Windows XP ensuring that no data loss (including emails) occur, for a very low cost price.

Child safety on the Internet

Linden Design PC SupportIf you are a parent and have concerns about the safety of your children whilst they are on-line, then this post is for you.

Whether your child uses a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet (iPad, Google Nexus) or even a smart phone, chances are that they will be browsing the internet.

Without suitable protection, they could very easily be exposed to unsuitable content.

Linden Design can help protect your child’s internet safety by providing, installing and configuring parental control software on all devices that they use.

This software enables you to see what websites your children visit, monitors their social network activity (facebook etc), enables you to set limits on how long they can use the internet plus much more.

With the software, you can easily block access to sites of a specific category.

If you are interested in Linden Design protecting your child’s on-line safety, and you live in Belper or the surrounding areas, please contact us today where we will be able to provide you with more information.

Upgrade from Windows XP

Linden Design PC Support As you may be aware, support for Windows XP is coming to an end in April. This means there will be no security updates from Microsoft any more for XP.

After this date, your computer could become vulnerable to attacks, therefore, now is the best time to think about upgrading your computer to a newer version of Windows. The choices are currently Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Linden Design PC SupportMicrosoft have provided an upgrade advisor tool which scans your computer to see if it is capable of running the new operating system.

For Windows 7, use this link:

For Windows 8,  use this link:

Make sure that you plug in all of your devices in to your PC when you run the advisor (printers, scanners etc.).

This will help identify any upgrades to your hardware that may be required, or any incompatible devices that you have.

Linden Design provide PC Services, Repairs and Upgrades to home users and businesses in Belper, Kilburn, Ripley, Holbrook and the surrounding areas.

For a low cost, we can backup all of your files, emails and other important information, perform the upgrade to the chosen version of Windows and restore all of your data. This includes a genuine license of the Windows product .

If you are interested in this, please Contact Us.

Microsoft Security Essentials – Extended support for XP

Linden Design PC ServicesMicrosoft are no longer supporting Windows XP as we posted previously, and originally, this included updates for the free anti-malware product, Microsoft Security Essentials.

However, Microsoft have changed their mind, and Security Essentials will receive updates until April 2015, giving XP users an extra year of protection from viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

This is fantastic news for XP users who are unable to upgrade for any reason.

Downloads of this software for XP will stop on April 8th this year, only existing users will be able to update, so if you plan on using this product, make sure you get it before April 8th.

Linden Design provide pc services to Belper and the surrounding areas. If you are worried about your anti-virus protection, contact us today.