Monthly Archives: June 2014

New Computer Virus on the Way

computer_virusIn the next few weeks there will be attempts at infecting vulnerable computers and laptops by Viruses called CryptoLocker and GameOverZeus.

GameOverZeus is a virus that searches your computer for passwords for your bank accounts etc.

CryptoLocker encrypts your files on your computer and forces you to pay a ransom to recover them (between £200 and £300).

We advise that ALL computer and laptop users take steps now to prevent their machines becoming infected.

Steps to take:

1/ Turn on Windows Automatic Updates. Run a manual scan as well and make sure you are completely up to date.

2/ Make sure you have Anti Virus software installed, and make sure it is up to date.

3/ Don’t open any email attachments unless you are absolutely sure of the sender.

4/ Don’t follow any links from websites that tell you your computer isn’t secure.

If you are unsure about the security you have installed on your computer and would like help and advice, contact Linden Design.

We can make sure your security settings are as high as possible to give you the best chance of avoiding these infections.