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Child safety on the Internet

Linden Design PC SupportIf you are a parent and have concerns about the safety of your children whilst they are on-line, then this post is for you.

Whether your child uses a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet (iPad, Google Nexus) or even a smart phone, chances are that they will be browsing the internet.

Without suitable protection, they could very easily be exposed to unsuitable content.

Linden Design can help protect your child’s internet safety by providing, installing and configuring parental control software on all devices that they use.

This software enables you to see what websites your children visit, monitors their social network activity (facebook etc), enables you to set limits on how long they can use the internet plus much more.

With the software, you can easily block access to sites of a specific category.

If you are interested in Linden Design protecting your child’s on-line safety, and you live in Belper or the surrounding areas, please contact us today where we will be able to provide you with more information.

Upgrade from Windows XP

Linden Design PC Support As you may be aware, support for Windows XP is coming to an end in April. This means there will be no security updates from Microsoft any more for XP.

After this date, your computer could become vulnerable to attacks, therefore, now is the best time to think about upgrading your computer to a newer version of Windows. The choices are currently Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Linden Design PC SupportMicrosoft have provided an upgrade advisor tool which scans your computer to see if it is capable of running the new operating system.

For Windows 7, use this link:

For Windows 8,  use this link:

Make sure that you plug in all of your devices in to your PC when you run the advisor (printers, scanners etc.).

This will help identify any upgrades to your hardware that may be required, or any incompatible devices that you have.

Linden Design provide PC Services, Repairs and Upgrades to home users and businesses in Belper, Kilburn, Ripley, Holbrook and the surrounding areas.

For a low cost, we can backup all of your files, emails and other important information, perform the upgrade to the chosen version of Windows and restore all of your data. This includes a genuine license of the Windows product .

If you are interested in this, please Contact Us.

Microsoft Security Essentials – Extended support for XP

Linden Design PC ServicesMicrosoft are no longer supporting Windows XP as we posted previously, and originally, this included updates for the free anti-malware product, Microsoft Security Essentials.

However, Microsoft have changed their mind, and Security Essentials will receive updates until April 2015, giving XP users an extra year of protection from viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

This is fantastic news for XP users who are unable to upgrade for any reason.

Downloads of this software for XP will stop on April 8th this year, only existing users will be able to update, so if you plan on using this product, make sure you get it before April 8th.

Linden Design provide pc services to Belper and the surrounding areas. If you are worried about your anti-virus protection, contact us today.

Windows XP users – Important Info

Linden Design PC RepairsIf you are using Windows XP, you may or may not be aware that the support for this is ending in April!

This means that there will be no more Windows Security Updates for users with XP installed.

If you are thinking of upgrading your computer to a newer version of Windows, now would be a good time to do so.

The options available are Windows 7 and Windows 8.

If you would like Linden Design to check your current PC to see whether it is capable of running a newer version, please Contact Us. We can also suggest any hardware upgrades that may be needed to go along with the upgrade.

If you choose Linden Design to perform the upgrade, we will backup all of your files, documents, internet favourites and emails and restore them all for you once the upgrade is complete – this way, you won’t lose a thing!

New Website

We have finally designed our new website.

6 years is far too long for a website to survive without being updated so we have taken the plunge.

This site has been designed so that it is simple to use and to look great on all screen resolutions.

It also works on Mobile phones as well, so if you are browsing on a mobile phone, certain elements of the website will change to give you a better user experience.

Well, we hope you enjoy the new look and feel.

As always, any queries, please use the contact options at the top of the page or the contact page